Power tunes to get you pumped

Published on March 15, 2018

Some days all you need is a little musical motivation. To feel utterly invincible. To say to yourself “Damn, I Got This.” We share our favourite power tunes that pick us up and sweep us into our high-energy selves.


We sense a pattern here. Getting into the right high-energy zone is like stepping into a time machine and heading right towards those moments in which we felt invincible. Whether it’s letting go behind a drum set, watching our favourite superheroes save the day or breaking some moves on the dancefloor. Say goodbye to those lacklustre days. Press play and get into the timewarp of empowerment, at least that’s our plan.

The Bright Eyed Dreamer

Who: David van Delden
Age: 36
What I do: Creative Director
Song title to describe me when ‘I GOT THIS’: 0 to 100 (Drake)

Whenever I’m in need of a little extra energy, I listen to tunes that take me back to moments in which energy was overflowing. One of those moments is playing the drums in full force. Growing up, I was a real Rock and Metal guy and listening to the same melodies and guitar riffs spark back that young dreamer in me. Fast forward a couple of years to the time I was a junior designer and Hip-hop was my jam. I felt entranced with the poetic nature and rhythmic beats, listening back to these songs brings back the more mature, thoughtful creative in me.

The music I listen that gets me pumped will always be in those two genres but somehow, I always linger to one artist for 3 or 4 months. That artist will really define what sort of place I’m in. I’ll play a new album until another new one will come out. Right now, I’m having a bit of a J. Cole phase, but I have feeling that’s almost done – so if anyone has any recommendations…?

The Soul-Searching Superhero

Who: Jeffrey Goodett
Age: 30
What I do: Graphic/ Motion designer
Song title to describe me when ‘I GOT THIS’: Ante up (MOP ft Busta Rhymes)

Besides a kick-ass outfit and a fresh fade, the right music can really do miracles to my confidence. The type that really lets me feel the passion that went into making the song. The type that lets me feel one with the artist, like somehow, I’ve stepped into their shoes. Say I’m listening to DNA by Kendrick Lamar, I replicate the energy he has put into this masterpiece and let it influence my own work.

I also have a little guilty pleasure: superhero movie soundtracks. Again, it transports me to someplace else, but instead of saving New York from burning down, I’m saving a client from boring design or a terrible font. I’m saving the world by delivering top-notch work. So, whether its Kendrick or Captain America, when songs remind me of either – I just start feeling unbeatable.

The Sky Roamer

Who: Rutger Kinkelaar
Age: 22
What I do: Freshly graduated UX-Designer
Song title to describe me when ‘I GOT THIS’:  Drop the game (Flume ft. Chet Faker)

Step one to curing my lack of confidence is to find a space where I can blast music. The loud tunes take over from head to toe and if I’m not moving to the beat, it’s probably not working. With his groovy sounds, bouncy disco-tinged beats, Kaytranada is one of my main guys for this.

In this setting, I’m cranking up the volume to songs that are basically a cross between R&B, soul sounds and electronic goodness. The type that blurs the line between genres. There’s always a lot going on in these songs, like vocals used as instruments and every time you listen to them you discover something new. These sounds really lift me up with up-tempo flow of rhythms and inventive and groovy combos of sounds.

The Sing Along Starlet

Who: Annabel van Eijk
Age: 23
What I do: Copywriter
Song title to describe me when ‘I GOT THIS’: Independent woman pt.1 (Destiny Child)

Most of my ‘getting pumped’ songs are jam-packed with sweet, sweet nostalgia. They take me back to little moments in which I felt invincible, like shamelessly singing with my mum in the car, or strutting down Shibuya with ‘Dancing on my own’ blasting in my headphones. That same free, bad-ass feeling just washes over me whenever I hear these songs again.

The tracks I chose also have a sense of power and build up, the kind you want to belt out and dance to. The new N.E.R.D album may not have enough memories packed into it, but a lot of the songs have that bold tirelessness that really works. Besides that, there’s nothing like a good pop song, and Little Mix is really killing it for me now with heaps of girl power.

The Shaker and Maker

Who: Rieven Martis
Age: 34
What I do: Full-stack developer
Song title to describe me when ‘I GOT THIS’: I got soul (James Brown)

If a song gets me to get up and start breaking out some moves – it will get me equally pumped to get some amazing work done. Dancing has always been my way of expressing myself and when I was younger breakdancing would help get emotions out. Listening to these songs makes me feel as free, confident and expressive as when I’m on the dancefloor.

This playlist is filled with up-tempo beats that use thrilling instruments like trumpets and drums. They’re usually in the realm of soul, jazz, hip-hop, funk and break-beats – or a mix of any of those genres. I take the energy I put into dancing and infuse it into the way I’m working.

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