A platform that connects a global women’s movement of light

The brief

Lume is an innovative, creative and encouraging movement of women worldwide who inspire, motivate and help each other to share what they believe in. Their aim was to create a platform for their content and for women to connect and tell their stories.

Lume is a movement of light, empowered by women all over the world. Set out to share their passion and faith through their platform and social media, they motivate and inspire each other. With stories on what their faith means to them and giving back to the neighborhood and across the border, they spread their believe. Small and practical, but at the same time with guts and full of expectation!

The Platform

This resulted in a platform that enabled Lume to publish their captivating content within a minimalistic design that integrates well with the Lume brand. The audience is easily drawn into Lume’s story and understands with just a glance what Lume is all about.

The playful mix of video and photography and the clever use of emphasized words, strengthens their mission and easily grasps the viewers’ attention.

It was important to keep the design clean and simple, for visitors to easily find their way around the website and get inspired by videos and stories and more importantly, connect with others

For a seamless user management, we integrated Lume’s CRM system with the website’s backend. This way all user data is centralized.

Developing such a platform meant enabling the community to interact with each other. Lume challenges women to react to their content and invites them to inspire, motivate and even question each other. This way the platform offers not only encouragement, but also practical tools for sharing their faith.

The website had to be connected to the social channels, but also point out that Lume believes in real life contact. With clear sections and subjects, the website does just that.

The result

With their brand and content already on point and a great collaboration from the start, we got very excited shaping Lume’s look and feel of the online platform. The result shows what you can achieve by closely working together, communicating your ideas and translating these into a digital community. The platform became a gathering place for people and content, one of interaction, but mostly one where women are inspired to be globally involved in spreading their believe while helping the society, giving a helping hand and shine the light upon others.

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