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About Naked

Naked juice is a Pepsico smoothie brand that wants to help real people get the most out of life by giving them a natural boost to do things that matter to them.


The brief

Naked juice Netherlands and Belgium have been preparing for a rebranding. Their aim was a new brand positioning: Power Full City that power the moments that matter. In particular showing on their social channels and through activation events how much the city has to offer and how Naked helps to get your creative juices flowing.

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Content Management

As a content manager, it’s your responsibility to translate various campaign briefs and brand messages into engaging and exciting Social Media posts. Part of this is creating a strategy and plan for each week, month or brand activation or events. We took on strategic, copywriting and visual responsibilities.

The Online Visual identity

Creating the right online visual identity was very important for Naked Juice due to the young Amsterdam creatives that are their target group. Daniëlle tells us that,

“I’m all about having a hand-on approach so I was very happy that Naked gave me enough room and trust to take initiative. I used the brief of connecting art with the city to take fun snaps of spots that I personally love and come across, making sure that I often take a few bottles with me for when inspiration hits as I move through the city. It’s great to work for a brand like Naked that really inspires you and makes you feel excited to create content.”

Besides taking her own images she worked closely with the PR company working for Naked Juice, to receive and post images form their influencer strategy. There were also a bunch of really great images from Naked Juice already made, which she used as well.


A large part of the social media strategy is to promote and engage customers with Naked Juice events.

The first of such events was ‘The Naked Truth’, in which Pepsico’s Naked Juice organised three nights in which a panel discussed how to make the most out of life in Amsterdam. The panel included guests such as the night Mayor of Amsterdam and important fashion insiders. For Social Media it was important to create enough awareness around this event to get people to come along. We also created a live Instagram story at the event itself to engage with our followers online and give an authentic look into the event.

Another event was “Paradise in the City” in which we worked with Paint and Pose, an incredible artist who created a beautiful mural for us in Amsterdam. While she was doing this, Naked Juice bottles were handed out and people could win tickets to a large Amsterdam festival by leaving behind little cards with their favourite paradise spots in Amsterdam written on it. These cards also became part of the Social Media activation, as both passerby’s of the mural and our online followers could win tickets by sharing their Paradise Spots.

“Working with Daniëlle and Ngrane was a real pleasure. I knew that Naked juice Social Media channels were in good hands; and they had the efficiency and the availability I needed to set up my marketing campaign.
Daniëlle works with passion, she is always bringing new ideas and contextualizing the content. She embodied the Power Full City idea during the campaign, exploring new and trendy locations in Amsterdam, and being able to reach the “Lolita” target audience.”

Marjorie Cellier
Brand manager

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