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How we work

At Ngrane we believe in co-creation with you as a partner.
In other words, we run our projects in collaboration with you instead of having the formal client – customer relationship.
Because when we are equal partners, we can combine our expertise that leads to the synergy needed for an extraordinary solution.
Strong relationships with our partners are built on trust, which starts with transparency.
Therefore, let us guide you through our collaborative process to show what you can count on.


Understanding your business as well as ours is key for a fruitful start of a project. In this phase, we focus on building trust, scoping and research.

Kickoff session

Understanding your true needs and knowing who you are collaborating with is the aim of this session. We will introduce you to our entire team of experts and together we will set the project requirements and scope that will serve your business needs.

Design thinking

During the design thinking sessions, we will help you with our methods to tackle the current problems and obstacles. Our team of creative experts will support you to find innovative ways, such as apps or platforms, to overcome these.

Market & user research

For any solution, the key to success is end user adoption. To understand their expectations and needs, our strategists will perform thorough research on market data and execute user surveys. With this knowledge, ideas and strategies can be validated in the early process for ultimate, seamless adoption.


The next phase is to form invented ideas into a practical solution. Since your input is pivotal for success, we will keep you involved for regular feedback during our iterative creation process.

UX Design

Based on the results of the previous phase, we create basic wireframes that shape the general structures and functionalities of our solution. This will give you a good impression of your future product, but leaves you plenty of room to request for changes. With your input, we will build high quality prototypes that shows you how the product behaves and interacts with users.


Alongside the UX Design, our creative team uses the input of the previous sessions to define a crisp brand for your solution. We start with presenting you a mood board of styles, shapes and colors to ignite your creativity. During our iterative design process, we will gather your feedback to co-create a solid brand for your product.

UI design

Visual appeal is as important as the functional design for complete adoption of the solution. This step focuses on making your product beautiful. We will transform the bare wireframe into an attractive user experience in line with your branding.


In this phase, we will make sure that you and your solution will have all you need to start a long life full of joy.

Front-end development

What you see is what you get. In our philosophy where every pixel counts, we guarantee that the chosen design and solution transcends from the drawing board all the way to your screen. Seamless coding for a seamless experience.

Back-end development

No need to pay for application or maintenance costs after the fact. Whether you run your business on PHP, .NET, Wordpress or IOS/Android, our technical experts will make sure that our solution fully integrates with your system.

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