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Calm and composed; comparing Energy Companies with a feminine flair

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After launching the successful website for ‘Online Energie Vergelijken’ Ngrane was asked to create something similar, but catered more carefully to a female audience. Switching energy suppliers in Holland is a common thing to do, as there are many perks tied to becoming a new customer. However, with a myriad of things to consider in your decision, it’s not an easy feat. For women especially, this was too much of a barrier and halted them in the process.

To overcome this, we replaced the customer profile ‘Kees’: a regular Dutch guy with ‘Andrea’, his girlfriend that actually makes most of the decisions at home. From this, we built a new website from scratch: attractive for the not-easily-convinced female audience.

Andrea persona



Age 28

Status Living with her boyfriend

Education Bachelors degree

Job HR Specialist

Knowledge about energy
Tech savviness
Wants to switch to another energy company
Thinks that switching energy companies is a good idea
Is sceptical about comparing energy prices through a website
Has free time


Imagine designing a hotel room for Kees and a hotel room for Andrea; it can have a different feel without making the one candy-coloured pink and crowding it with fluffy pillows. With that in mind, we designed the new branding.

We wanted the branding to be fresh with an endearing dose of kindness while oozing knowledge and with an informative approach. The palette of purple and blue has a pinch of modernity packed with bright hues, which helps liven up the website and brand. The logo has a subtle and comforting shape that is soft and has a certain ‘flow’. ‘Zelf’ in bold letters leaves a confident contrast while making it clear it’s about a ‘doing it yourself’ approach.

Zelf Energie Vergelijken

UX & UI Design

To make Zelf differ from OEV we reimagined the flow and customer journey on the website. It was made to be less analytical and factual, transforming all the necessary information with a strong visual appeal; engaging rather than informing. We did this as Andrea will likely feel more attracted to a website that immerses her into all aspects of the decision she needs to make, rather than provide her with snappy information. It was all about lightening the huge amounts of text into a calm and enlightening breeze of information. We created a step by step flow that embraces simplicity and has a friendly appeal. Aesthetic elements such as colour gradients helped to create a smooth and streamlined scrolling experience.

We imagined Kees and Andrea snuggled up on the couch watching Netflix, warming their hands with cups of tea. We aimed to mirror that cosiness and warmth with this website, which you can see back in the design and types of photos we used.

Zelf Energie Vergelijken design
Zelf Energie Vergelijken design
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